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I've been making my version of IDM, electro and melodic electronic music under the name "Lowfish" since 1996.

I've always been interested in rigidly timed, sometimes distorted, instrumental electronic music with catchy/sappy melodies. I have a bias for analog-sounding gear


The name Lowfish is a neologism that attempts to mash together the notion of "lo-fi" (low fidelity) and "ish" (as in "kind of"). I didn't say it was a great name - but I needed a name. I was 21 and knew everything...

The notion of lo-fi "ish" was useful too in that my early tracks were badly produced. So under the name "Lowfish" I could pretend it was intentional in a DIY/synth-punk kinda way.


Synthesizers or Music?


Photo by Brian Cypher

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