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Official website of Canadian electro/idm artist, LOWFISH.

Lowfish- Grey With Breaks Vinyl.jpeg

TITLE: Grey With Breaks
Suction058 vinyl LP / CD / digital full-length
RELEASE DATE: May 5, 2023

After a recent, acclaimed EP on Madrid’s Analogical Force label, Suction Records is thrilled to announce “Grey With Breaks,” the 8th full-length album by Lowfish. The electro veteran, who’s been programming 808s since the early ‘90s, returns to Suction Records, the label he co-founded and debuted on in 1997. “Grey With Breaks” is an electro record, with thick analog basslines and TR-808 boom tschak front & centre, but Lowfish’s electro-style stands out from the pack. Not only is the LP devoid of the Drexciya/Dopplereffekt worship that permeates the scene these days, it also rarely hits above 110bpm, oozing with melancholic melody.

The 9-track vinyl LP comes housed in a stunning reverse-board jacket, and is limited to 400 copies, with 100 copies on CLOUDY-GREY-VINYL. The CD, in a reverse-board digipack, is expanded to 19 tracks, adding previously-vinyl-only cuts from past Suction Records singles and EPs “Hello Tinnitus” (suction023), “C.D.S.N.” (suction038), and “Hypersensitivity” (suction046).


New Lowfish record on Barcelona’s inimitable Analogical Force label.

"Canada’s foremost robot returns to his higher bpm electro-form with “Thaw EP.” Four analog heavy tracks of melancholic system-100 and 808 workouts combined with icy strings and the catchy synth work he’s known for.

Includes a previously unreleased version of the much-lauded “8_OP” (originally released on Satamile Records NYC, 2006) to ensure things heat and melt accordingly. A whirlwind of emotion right on the cusp of bliss and melancholia. Artwork comes from Geometric Love / UK". 

You can buy it here (digital or vinyl).

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